Dyeing Agent

Homesom Textile is a professional company which develops and produces textile auxiliaries. We have cooperated with domestic and international academic institutions and have researched a series of eco-friendly products. We mainly produce pre-treatment agent, dyeing agent, finishing agent, softener flake and silicone oil. We especially have prominent research on low-temp soaping enzyme, low-temp scouring and bleaching enzyme, wet softening agent, silicone oil and other series of products. 

Dyeing agent includes low-temp soaping enzyme, foamless soaping agent, levelling agent, anti-creasing agent, anti-back staining agent, dye-retarding agent, fixing agent etc. For soaping enzyme, we put emphasize on treating at low temperature, which can save time, energy, labor, cost and so on. Every product is eco-friendly and energy-saving. 

Our main abroad market of dyeing agent is in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and other southeast Asian countries, and these products also get much good feedback both in domestic market and abroad market. To produce better dyeing agent which is responsive to market demands will be our permanent pursuit. We will continuously create to develop textile auxiliaries and serve you better. 
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  • Low-temp Soaping Enzyme HS-280 has excellent cleaning, emulsifying, decontamination and anti-staining effects, can effectively remove the fabric oil stains and dyeing process oligomer. In addition, it can eliminate the acid neutralization process in the traditional dyeing, and the secondary washing can be reduced after dyeing deep color by reactive dyes.

  • Anti-staining foamless Soaping Agent HS-286 after dyeing or printing from reactive dyes, VAT dyes, Naftol dyes, indigo, sulphur dyes, direct dyes.

  • Acid Soaping Agent HS-211 has good performance of dispersing, washing, chelating and anti-staining, can be used as soaping agent for dyeing or printing fabrics, can effectively remove surface dyeing and prevent the fabric from staining.

  • Levelling Agent HS-260 is a special surfactant compound with certain wettability and dispersibility, has certain binding force with cellulose fiber, has certain dispersing and shifting effect in polyester disperse dyes dyeing, and has certain retarding and levelling effect in cellulose fiber direct dyes dyeing.

  • Used for cellulose fiber and its blended fabric, such as cotton, rayon, cotton yarn, T/C, T/R, knitting, etc., have certain ability of chelating and dispersing, Levelling Agent for Cotton HS-219 can improve water quality, especially has good dispersing solution in the macromolecular reactive dyes, such as active turquoise blue, can prevent "salting out", reduce the formation of color point, spots, color defect.

  • Acid Levelling Agent HS-218 is suitable for nylon and wool dyeing, can reduce the initial dyeing rate of acid dyes, promote the uniform dyeing of anionic dyes, has a good levelling performance.

  • High-temp Levelling Agent HS-216 is suitable for high temperature and high pressure fast dyeing of polyester and its blended fiber, with good levelling feature of high efficiency and low foam.

  • Anti-back Staining Agent O261 is an ideal anti-staining agent for silk, wool, nylon and other printing fabrics after dyeing by reactive, acid and neutral dyes. It has the prominent function of protecting the white base fabric from pollution, thus making the base fabric white and the color of the printed fabric more bright.

  • Dye-retarding Agent HS-258 is suitable for cationic dyes dyeing, plays a levelling effect when gradually replaced by the dyes at high temperature.

Homesom is a famous Dyeing Agent manufacturers and suppliers in China. If I want to wholesale, what price will you give me? If your wholesale quantity is large, we can provide you with suitable price. More importantly, we not only have our own brands, but also provide quotations and free sample. You can rest assured to buy our Dyeing Agent from us. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and sincerely hope to cooperate with your esteemed company.