Finishing Agent

Homesom Textile is a professional company which develops and produces textile auxiliaries. We have cooperated with domestic and international academic institutions and have researched a series of eco-friendly products. We mainly produce pre-treatment agent, dyeing agent, finishing agent, softener flake and silicone oil. We especially have prominent research on low-temp soaping enzyme, low-temp scouring and bleaching enzyme, wet softening agent, silicone oil and other series of products. 

Finishing agent includes deepening agent, anti-static agent, white glue, moisture control agent, slipping agent, smooth agent, wet rubbing fastness improver etc. For wet rubbing fastness improver, we especially have good performance. Every product is eco-friendly and energy-saving. 

Our main abroad market of finishing agent is in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and other southeast Asian countries, and these products also get much good feedback both in domestic market and abroad market. To produce better finishing agent which is responsive to market demands will be our permanent pursuit. We will continuously create to develop textile auxiliaries and serve you better. 
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  • Darkening finishing of medium and dark fabrics such as cotton fabric, wool-polyester fabric, N/R fabric and its blended fabric; Especially for active and sulphur dyeing, the darkening effect can reach 20%-30%.Deepening Agent HS-320 has little influence on the original color tone, and feels soft and smooth.

  • The Anti-static Agent HS-385 has excellent performance of electrical conductivity and anti-fouling, dustproof; It can be used with waterproof agent to improve the antistatic property of the fabric, and has no effect on the waterproof property.

  • Low temperature coalescing, no need of high temperature treatment. Environmental protection products, no APEO, formaldehyde. No damage to fabric strength. Low viscosity, easy to dissolve; Excellent storage stability.White Glue M394 is suitable for stiffening finishing and sizing of all kinds of fabrics.

  • Anti-wrinkle, Moisture Absorption Sweating Finishing for chemical fiber in the cylinder. Welcome to buy Moisture Control Agent HS-356 from us.

  • Anti-wrinkle, Moisture Absorption Sweating Finishing for chemical fiber in the cylinder.Dyeing factory, jeans washing sweater washing, leather care and other fields for smoothing finishing.Slipping Agent HS-381 has excellent gloss, dry and wet rub fastness and flexibility.

  • Smooth Agent HS-366 is mainly used for the smooth finishing of wool, nitrile and its blended yarns or fabrics, also can be used for cotton, polyester/cotton feel finishing, especially for the finishing of pure acrylic yarns, the smooth effect is good.

  • Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver HS-395 does not contain formaldehyde and APEO, belongs to the environmental protection product, suitable for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements; It can greatly improve the wet rubbing fastness by 1~1.5 grades, up to 3 grades or above. Easy to use, directly used for dilute use; The fabric feels soft and has no effect on color toneand light fastness.

Homesom is a famous Finishing Agent manufacturers and suppliers in China. If I want to wholesale, what price will you give me? If your wholesale quantity is large, we can provide you with suitable price. More importantly, we not only have our own brands, but also provide quotations and free sample. You can rest assured to buy our Finishing Agent from us. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and sincerely hope to cooperate with your esteemed company.