Industry News

  • Textile auxiliaries are textile chemical processing is an important part of modern textile industry, not only can improve the quality of textiles, but also has a modification and beautification effect on textiles.


  • Chemical fiber oil agent is dangerous, part of the dye additives and silicone oil. Actually, you can see it in the classification. Dyeing agent includes dyeing agent, leveling agent, fixing agent and dispersing agent.


  • Chemical auxiliaries are chemical additives used in a certain industry. There are many kinds of them, including metal processing auxiliaries, plastic auxiliaries, papermaking auxiliaries, building auxiliaries, water treatment auxiliaries, coating auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, electronic industry auxiliaries, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, wood auxiliaries and so on.


  • Leveling agent: The dye is slowly absorbed by the fiber or can make the dark part of the dye to the light part of the diffusion and does not reduce the dyeing firm degree.


  • Chemical recovery is an important step to realize closed - loop textile supply chain. However, chemical recycling also carries the risk of retaining or spreading hazardous substances found in dyes, softeners, anti-wrinkle agents and other common additives.


  • Chemical softening is the softening of fabric with a softener. The role of softener is to reduce the friction between yarn and fabric, reduce the friction between fiber and fabric and human body.