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Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries classification

Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries

Pre-treatment agent

Cleaning agent, degreasing agent, wetting agent, bleaching agent, degreasing agent, accelerator, leveling agent, cleaning agent, refining agent, alkali reducing penetration agent, mercerizing penetration agent, wool detergent, spandex refining agent, chelating dispersant, soft water agent, penetration agent, anti-soap-washing agent, efficient degreasing agent

Printing and dyeing auxiliaries

1.Dyeing auxiliaries: high temperature leveling agent, don't change color levelling agent, high temperature low foam levelling agent, accelerating agent, expansive agent, cotton with levelling agent, Mao Yong acid levelling agent, leveling agent, polyester and leveling agent, leveling agent, acrylic color on strengthening agent, fixing agent, fluorescent whitening agent, reducing agent, dye, discharge paste, reserving agent, peel color agent, defoamer, anti-wrinkle agent, antistatic agent, prevent migration agent, dispersant, repairing adhesive fixing agent, softener, no aldehyde fixing agent, acid

2. Printing additives: water-based bench glue, electrostatic ffelling adhesive, printing binder, printing glue, blanket soft slurry, blanket hard slurry, spray latex latex, textile adhesive, coating printing auxiliary, coating printing adhesive, printing paste, instant paste, dye printing thickener, characteristic printing paste, printing additive

Three. After finishing agent

1. softener: softener film, acrylic softener film, anionic softener film, anionic softener film, cotton softener, softener ointment, hydrophilic softener, silicone softener, silicone oil emulsion, amino silicone oil emulsion

2. Finishing agent: fluffy finishing agent, elastic fabric finishing agent, stiffening treatment agent, antibacterial finishing agent, hydrophilic finishing agent, moisture absorption and perspirant agent, anti-yellowing agent, anti-shrinkage agent, flame retardant, stripping agent, smoothing agent, fueling agent, hydrophilic antistatic agent, fluffy antistatic agent, thickening agent, stabilizer

Chemical fiber oil agent

Polyester spinning oil agent, anti-splash polyester DTY oil agent, polyamide spinning oil agent, polypropylene spinning oil agent, polyamide/polyester POY oil agent, polyamide/polyester FDY oil agent, polyester monofilament oil agent, high-speed spinning nylon cord oil agent, polypropylene FDY wire oil agent, spandex oil agent