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Direct Dye

Dyes are substances that can attach a certain color on the fibers and is not easy to fall off, discolored. Dyes are usually dissolved in water, and a portion of the dye requires a media to make the dye can be adhered to the fibers. Archaeological data shows that dyeing technology has more than five thousand years in India and the Middle East.Direct dyes do not need to rely on other agents, and can be directly stored in various fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk, and hair. Its dyeing method is simple, the chromatography is complete, and the cost is low. However, the isas and sunshine are poor, and if appropriate, the method of post-treatment can improve the finished product
Reactive dyes are also known as. This type of dye is a new type of dye that has developed in the 1950s. Its molecular structure contains one or more active groups, which can chemically react with the fibers under suitable conditions, forming a covalent bond binding. It can be used for cotton, hemp, silk, hair, adhesive, nylon, vivine .