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Reasons for Insufficient Alkali Resistance of Scouring Agent


The main raw material of the scouring agent is phosphate ester, but the reason for the insufficient alkali resistance is caused by improper raw materials. It is not just that the phosphate ester is not resistant to strong alkalis. Other materials that are not resistant to strong alkalis will also change the alkali resistance of the whole product. difference.

Phosphate ester is the reaction of ester and water formed by the action of alcohol and acid. Phosphate salt is an anionic surfactant. There are many types of phosphate esters, which can be divided into two categories: fatty alcohol phosphate ester salts and fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether phosphate ester salts.

Commonly used phosphate esterification agents are: phosphorus pentoxide, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, pyrophosphoric acid, polyphosphoric acid, etc., due to different raw materials, different synthesis processes, and different ratios of alcohol to acid, their formation The proportions of phosphate ester products and the mono- and di-ester contained are also different. The alkali resistance of fatty alcohol phosphate is limited, and as the carbon chain increases, the alkali resistance decreases. If the fatty alcohol reacts with ethylene oxide and then undergoes phosphate esterification, the alkali resistance will increase significantly.

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