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Characteristics of Cold Pad-batch Scouring Agent


The scouring agent is a kind of alkali-resistant, high-efficiency Cold Pad-batch Scouring Agent  Pad-batch Scouring Agent with excellent comprehensive properties such as dispersion, emulsification, penetration, compatibilization, and washing. It is not only widely used in the scouring of cotton, linen and blended fabrics, and knitted fabrics, but also used in the conventional processes of annealing, boiling and bleaching of cotton and blended fabrics, as well as special processes such as cold padding. The dosage is small and the effect is excellent. This product is non-irritating to the human body and will not pollute the environment.

Characteristics of Cold Pad-batch Scouring Agent 

1. In the soaping process, only foam is generated during agitation.

2. Use the mechanism of integration and excellent dispersion, suspension and washing to remove the floating color, ensure the color fastness, and make the color light more vivid and pure.

3. The refining agent can effectively improve and ensure the fixation of the dye, so that it is possible to use less fixing agent for some medium and deep color printing and dyeing varieties.