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Acid Fixing Agent F33 to Improve the Method of Color Fixation


Acid Fixing Agent F33Acid to improve the method of color fixation

1. Use the smoothing effect of the Acid Fixing Agent F33 Acid to reduce the friction coefficient of the fiber surface, thereby improving the rubbing fastness of the dyed fabric.

2. The buffering capacity of the fixing agent enables the acidic substances in the sweat to be neutralized to prevent the covalent bond formed by the active dye and the fiber from breaking, and to achieve the purpose of improving the sweat fastness.

3. Utilize the molecular attraction between the fixing agent and the fiber to increase the fixing strength of the fixing agent, thereby improving the color fastness.

4. Graft the ultraviolet absorber into the fixing agent molecule, and use the ultraviolet absorbing group to absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight to prevent the damage of the dyeing structure by the ultraviolet rays, thereby improving the light fastness.

5. The color of the fabric after the fixation treatment will be less likely to fade, and the fabric will appear softer, and the hand feel will be smoother and more uniform.

Acid Fixing Agent F33