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Advantages of Smooth Agent M366


Advantages of Smooth Agent M366

Smooth Agent M366 is a textile auxiliaries specially developed for woolen fabrics, woolen yarns or woolen sweaters and other fabrics. It is suitable for wool and nitrile fabrics, which can make the treated fabrics more beautiful and brighter. effect.

1. The Smooth Agent M366 improves the elasticity of the fabric and obviously improves the sewability of the fabric.

2. Improve the stretchability and shape recovery of the fabric, excellent softness and smooth, uniform hand feeling.

3. The Smooth Agent M366 can give the fabric good smoothness, and the drape of the active fabric is better.

4. The smoothing agent can bath with most organic softeners and other textile auxiliaries.

5. The Smooth Agent M366 enhances the tearing strength of the fabric, which substantially improves the anti-wrinkle property, and is resistant to electrolytes and hard water.

Smooth Agent M366