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Advantages of Smooth Hand Feeling Silicone Oil S996


Advantages of Smooth Hand Feeling Silicone Oil S996

1. It has the characteristics of good thermal stability, abrasion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating, and low surface tension.

2. All-round ternary copolymerization, high concentration 80 content, can be diluted arbitrarily.

3. High temperature resistance, high acid and alkali, electrolyte, high shear, no delamination, stable performance, easy to use, very low yellowing.

4. In the operation process, there is no sticking roller, sticking cylinder, oil floating, and demulsification phenomenon of traditional silicone oil, and the phenomenon of silicon spots no longer exists.

5. It can give the fabric a durable, washable, elastic, fluffy, smooth, and soft style, and can improve the tear strength of the fabric.

6. Good permeability, can enter into the fabric fiber to make the fabric fluffy, smooth and soft.

7. Reduce the coefficient of friction between the fibers, make the fibers easier to slide relative to each other, and make the fabric softer and more fluffy.

8. Compared with ordinary amino silicone oil, it gives the fabric a soft, smooth and fluffy feel.

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