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Method to Remove Silicone Oil Spots


Method to remove silicone oil spots

1. In the preparation of reagents, in order to reduce the impact of resin finishing, it is often chosen to add silicone oils that enhance brightness, smoothness and tearing strength. Most of them are amino silicone oils and large breast hydroxy silicone oils or compound silicone oil softeners. Now also start There are multiple applications of copolymerized silicone oil. In addition to selecting the appropriate silicone oil during application, you must follow the correct ingredient dilution process. After configuration, use it after 1-2 hours. Check the surface of the potion for floats and whether there is layering before use. Also during the soaking process To check whether there is any change in the state of the potion, it is recommended to use a bubbler or sprayer.

2. In addition to the structure, cationicity, and emulsification level of silicone oil, the phenomenon of oil bleaching and demulsification is mainly due to the anionic nature of the resin, strong catalyst electrolyte, water hardness, and clothing fabrics such as PH value and other causes of interference with the residue of the syrup, due to high temperature setting reasons. , After the non-ironing process is completed, it is found that the problem of silicon spots is currently no good way to eradicate it, mainly relying on preliminary inspection and strict implementation of the process.

3. When the water is too soft, due to the previous process environment, the general fermentation process will cause fewer problems than the normal washing process. The normal washing often uses an alkali agent for desizing. If the alkali agent is not sufficiently removed, it is easy to cause problems if it is directly softened. In other processes, if there are processes such as color registering, bottom bleaching, frying, frying and bleaching before softening, it is necessary to use strong electrolyte soda powder, coarse salt to promote dyeing or soda ash, caustic soda, phosphate fixation, or use strong oxidants such as High manganese mixed with phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, bleaching water, or due to pumice, fiber debris and other reasons, may cause silica spots.

4. In this regard, the principle we adhere to is: before softening the clothing should be fully cleaned with water, and if necessary, the last pass before softening should be adjusted with an appropriate amount of acetic acid or penetrant. In operation: after adding silicone oil to the water machine, do not turn on steam to heat up; the softening temperature must not exceed 60°C; do not add anionic additives such as anion penetrants, chelating dispersants, etc.; try to avoid adding strong electrolyte materials such as salt and soda ash. , Caustic soda, etc.; when silicone oil is added, it must be in the state of turning; the machine must not be stopped when the liquid is added and drained.

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