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The effect of auxiliary chemicals


The effect of auxiliary chemicals

Chemical auxiliaries are chemical additives used in a certain industry. There are many kinds of them, including metal processing auxiliaries, plastic auxiliaries, papermaking auxiliaries, building auxiliaries, water treatment auxiliaries, coating auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, electronic industry auxiliaries, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, wood auxiliaries and so on.  

The role of additives is in industrial production, in order to improve the production process, improve product quality and output, or to give products a unique application performance of the auxiliary chemicals added.  Also known as additives.  However, as an important component of the product matrix, the high-dose additive which has a significant impact on the shape, structure and performance of the product is generally not included in the category of additives.  

Application scope:  

1. the use of additives requirements.  The appearance, smell, pollution, durability, electrical performance, weather resistance of additives directly affect the use of products.  
2. the adaptability of additives to processing conditions.  
3. Durability of additives.  The loss of additives is mainly through volatilization, extraction and migration. It is necessary to select appropriate varieties according to the environment and processing conditions of the products.  
4. the compatibility of additives and polymers.  Including their miscibility and interaction in stability.  
5. the toxicity of additives.  Food and drug packaging materials, drinking water pipes, medical equipment and other polymer materials of the product, its hygiene mainly depends on the use of additives.  
6. Synergistic effect and phase resistance between additives.  If the appropriate selection, mutual efficiency, and can reduce the total dosage of additives.