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  • Dyes are selected according to the fiber properties. Due to the different properties of various fibers, appropriate dyes need to be selected when dyeing. For example, when dyeing cotton fiber, because its molecular structure contains many hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, it is easy to absorb moisture and expand, can react with reactive groups, and is more alkali resistant, so direct, reduction, vulcanization, ice dyes and reactive dyes can be selected for dyeing. Polyester has strong hydrophobicity and is not alkali resistant at high temperature. Generally, the above dyes should not be selected, but disperse dyes should be selected for dyeing.


  • This article describes the advantages of smoothing agents.


  • Homesom Textile is a professional company which develops and produces pretreatment agents.


  • Hydrophilic Silicone Oil is a kind of ultra-fine non-weak cationic amino siloxane softener with good hydrophilicity and compatibility with additives. It has good shear stability, improves fabric sewing and meets knitting requirements. Provide better smoothness for the fabric and give the fiber a soft and fluffy feel; With good washable, the processed fabric after 15 times without yellowing, no color, product style is not affected.


  • This article introduces the advantages of Smooth Hand Feeling Silicone Oil S996.


  • This article introduces the method to improve the fixing degree of the fixing agent.