Pre-treatment Agent

Homesom Textile is a professional company which develops and produces textile auxiliaries. We have cooperated with domestic and international academic institutions and have researched a series of eco-friendly products. We mainly produce pre-treatment agent, dyeing agent, finishing agent, softener flake and silicone oil. We especially have prominent research on low-temp soaping enzyme, low-temp scouring and bleaching enzyme, wet softening agent, silicone oil and other series of products. 

Pre-treatment agent includes low-temp scouring enzyme, cold pad-batch scouring agent, alkali-resisting scouring agent, hydroperoxide stabilizer, pH stabilizer, bio polishing enzyme, dewaxing agent, deoxidize enzyme etc. For scouring enzyme, we put emphasize on treating at low temperature, which can save time, energy, labor, cost and so on. Every product is eco-friendly and energy-saving. 

Our main abroad market of pre-treatment agent is in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and other southeast Asian countries, and these products also get much good feedback both in domestic market and abroad market. To produce better Pre-treatment agent which is responsive to market demands will be our permanent pursuit. We will continuously create to develop textile auxiliaries and serve you better. 
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  • Low-temp Scouring Enzyme H111 is a kind of high-molecular polymer.
    The traditional way of scouring and bleaching must be operated under high temperature, high pH value to reach satisfactory effect. It not only has high energy consumption, serious damage to the bleached fabric, but also has low peroxide bleaching efficiency, which has caused a great waste of resources.

  • Cold Pad-batch Scouring Agent H12 is a combination of anionic surfactant and intermediates synthesized by a variety of organic materials through a special chemical process.

  • Excellent performance of penetration, emulsification, dispersion and cleaning, used in pretreatment process of knitted fabric, towel, cheese and other blended fabrics. One ton can be diluted into 4~5 tons.Welcome to buy High Density Scouring Agent H113 from us.

  • Alkali-resisting Scouring Agent H188 about 120g/L, with excellent performance of penetration, emulsification, dispersion and cleaning, used in pad dyeing pre-treatment process of cotton, linen and blended fabrics. 1 ton can be diluted into 4~5 tons.

  • Mercerizing Penetrating Agent H187 is mainly used for mercerizing, alkali reducing and alkali shrinking process of polyester.

  • Hydroperoxide Stabilizer H128 is biodegradable, does not contain silicon, will not appear silicon spots, easy to operate and eco-friendly.

  • Strong alkali resistance, good chelation of iron ions, to ensure the effective decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, can be used in cold pad-batch and alkali oxygen one-bath process, 1 ton can be diluted into 3~4 tons.Welcome to buy High Density Stabilizer H122 from us.

  • Ph Stabilizer H192 has a strong stable pH value, reduces the effect of hydrogen peroxide bleaching and activation, and can effectively promote the effective decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and significantly reduce the ineffective decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Desizing Enzyme H133 is mainly used for the removal of starch pulp of gray fabric, the temperature is about 50~95℃, does not damage the fiber, reduce the dosage of chemicals.

Homesom is a famous Pre-treatment Agent manufacturers and suppliers in China. If I want to wholesale, what price will you give me? If your wholesale quantity is large, we can provide you with suitable price. More importantly, we not only have our own brands, but also provide quotations and free sample. You can rest assured to buy our Pre-treatment Agent from us. Welcome friends and customers from home and abroad to visit our factory and sincerely hope to cooperate with your esteemed company.