• Used for cellulose fiber and its blended fabric, such as cotton, rayon, cotton yarn, T/C, T/R, knitting, etc., have certain ability of chelating and dispersing, Fashion Levelling Agent for Cotton O228 can improve water quality, especially has good dispersing solution in the macromolecular reactive dyes, such as active turquoise blue, can prevent "salting out", reduce the formation of color point, spots, color defect.

  • Ph Stabilizer H192 Ph Stabilizer H192 has a strong stable pH value, reduces the effect of hydrogen peroxide bleaching and activation, and can effectively promote the effective decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and significantly reduce the ineffective decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

  • China Levelling Agent O225 manufacturers is a special surfactant compound with certain wettability and dispersibility, has certain binding force with cellulose fiber, has certain dispersing and shifting effect in polyester disperse dyes dyeing, and has certain retarding and levelling effect in cellulose fiber direct dyes dyeing.

  • Hydrophilic Cationic Softener HS-333 Brands is an especial amide compounds, which is mainly used for cotton and blended fabric softening. Especially suitable for bleaching, light color such as pure cotton, polyester/cotton fabric softening, HS-333 can make the fabric feeling more smooth and softening.

  • Alkali-resisting Scouring Agent H188 Alkali-resisting Scouring Agent H188 about 120g/L, with excellent performance of penetration, emulsification, dispersion and cleaning, used in pad dyeing pre-treatment process of cotton, linen and blended fabrics. 1 ton can be diluted into 4~5 tons.

  • Anti-wrinkle, Moisture Absorption Sweating Finishing for chemical fiber in the cylinder.Dyeing factory, jeans washing sweater washing, leather care and other fields for smoothing finishing.Fashion Slipping Agent M381 has excellent gloss, dry and wet rub fastness and flexibility.

  • Neutral Bio Polishing Enzyme H161 Manufacturers is used for biochemical cleaning of cellulose fabrics, both woven and knitted fabrics, and also used for stonewashing effect of denim. PH values can be used between 4.5 and 7.5.

  • Dust-free Silicone Oil S699 Quotation is a kind of amino, polyether modified polysiloxane polymer water-soluble emulsion, can be used as textile fabric hand feeling agent, yarn smoothing, daily chemical products, etc., has excellent performance, good hydrophilicity, little yellowing, product stability.

  • Quality Low-temp Scouring Enzyme H111 is a kind of high-molecular polymer.
    The traditional way of scouring and bleaching must be operated under high temperature, high pH value to reach satisfactory effect. It not only has high energy consumption, serious damage to the bleached fabric, but also has low peroxide bleaching efficiency, which has caused a great waste of resources.